IPCC’s Synthesis Report – Important takeaways

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently launched its Synthesis Report, presenting findings from across the working groups and special reports that have come out during the sixth assessment cycle. The NMBU Sustainability Hub organized a seminar on March 27th during which Siri Eriksen and other IPCC authors presented the most important takeaways.

Siri Eriksen, who is an author on the report, co-presented key findings along with other invited international Synthesis Report authors. The seminar provided insight into the impacts of climate change, options to address climate change through the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions as well as adaptation, and the implications for how we advance sustainable development for all in a context of climate change.
Siri Eriksen says:
“The negative consequences of climate change are increasing noticeably all over the world. Ongoing warming also amplifies the effects, especially when warming approaches and exceeds 1.5 degrees. Emissions must urgently and dramatically be reduced and we must adapt society to inevitable changes.
The UN climate panel’s synthesis report compiles the three previous sub-reports in the UN’s sixth main report on climate change. The synthesis report gives an interdisciplinary picture of climate change and its effects and puts the interim reports’ findings into context. It has the answer to how we must change to a more climate-robust and sustainable society.”

Watch the recording of the entire seminar here:

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