Who are we?

Learning Hub for Climate Change Adaptation in Development (C-Hub) is a network for knowledge exchange and collaboration between researchers, civil society organisation and government organisations. It is a platform for learning, drawing on existing knowledge and experience in Norway and internationally, placing vulnerability and marginal groups at the centre.

How does it work?

C-hub aims to create an open, safe space where researchers and people working with climate change adaptation can exchange thoughts and experiences, good or bad. By having this network to connect with other people in the field, we hope to build more knowledge about climate change adaptation in order to implement successful climate change adaptation measures in the future. We want to arrange seminars and events where we can learn from each other, as well as a platform to have open and candid conversations in a more informal setting.

What do we want to achieve?

The goal of c-hub is to strengthen a knowledge based Norwegian effort in climate change adaptation in development, in particular the reduction of vulnerability among the most marginalised. In addition to knowledge exchange and reflective learning, we aim to develop innovative methods for implementing climate change adaptation as an empowering adaptive learning process.

Who can get involved, and how?

There are mainly two ways to get involved in c-hub. You can join our network and actively participate by sharing your experiences, joining our Slack-network and engaging in our discussions. Another option is to follow c-hub and get updates about what is going on in the learning hub through our newsletter, participate in webinars and get access to resources posted on the website.

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